Going Voxel

For a long time, I worked either with the primitives that Unity3D offers or used the art assets on the Unity asset store to bring my ideas to life.
But the reality is that I spend a huge amount of time processing the assets to fit together nicely or to work around some issue that I could not fix on the mesh itself.
I was often tempted to jump into Blender and learn how to do it – but becoming a good 3D artist is not something I really wanted to do.


So instead I opted for something I actually can do – Voxels! The last time I actually created original content for games was with Dpaint a long time ago leaving me with a fair understanding of how to get a good pixel design that does not look entirely bad.
So using that knowledge in 3D for Voxel art seemed like a good idea.

To create these I am using a free tool called MagicaVoxel and suddenly the time spend processing turns into a lot of fun creating instead.


One advantage of using Voxels is that all models snap together like a charm and distances are always multiples of your Voxel size, making calculations a breeze and values very easy to read and adjust.


I plan to release the roguelike game (working title VR Adventure) this year using this style. And I plan to convert some of my existing titles to that style before release too.

It just fits so nicely with what I love in games!

//end of VRA blog #1


3 thoughts on “Going Voxel

  1. That looks pretty well. I use MagicaVoxel as too, but I have yet to explore how to export them to Unity. The default renderer included is pretty amazing so I’m happy for now but I’ll eventually move to other “pastures” I guess… 😉

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    • There are several ways to get them into Unity. First, you can just export the mesh in MagicaVoxel – which gives you a nice and workable mesh. Second, you can use one of the tons of tools available in the Asset store – some even allow you for rigging humanoid models.

      I bought several of the assets but finally settled for the direct export from MagicaVoxel … for the time being.


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