Going Early Access soon …

It has been quite the ride for me to be honest, working on and off on different VR ideas and experimenting with different styles has been quite the learning curve.

There are some things I just do not like in VR – first “aliasing” is horrible and I hate it! 8x MSAA is something I really care for and working with a 970 many games do not even come close to offering that with a good framerate.

Too many menus and too much to read. I wanted to get the most simplistic interface possible while reducing text to near zero – which also helps a lot with adopting to markets with languages other than English.

Fluid movement and no teleportation. I don’t really mind teleportation, but nothing beats a fluid movement when it comes to taking in the reality you are in. And on top of it I wanted it to work well when standing.

High res textures … this is a serious problem for me! I have learned to bake Ambient Occlusion and soft edges as well as getting some serious Photoshop skills to get low res textures into something worth looking at in VR. The problem is that I live in 1995 and my Internet connection does not allow me to upload these lightmap baked monster projects (my biggest has over 10 GB!!!). So instead of doing high res textures I now use image effects in the shader to generate crisp details on most of my models with just a few remaining textures in the game that I mostly upped to 4k resolution.

Avoid Lensflares as far as possible … and this one is a big one! I wear glasses and the lens flares in most VR games drive me nuts. It is also why I moved gradually away from realtime lights towards unlit styles to get more control about the contrast in scenes.
I have not managed to completely avoid them – but I find myself to play the game without being distracted by them all the time.

No panic, no room scale demands … I love many games, but I also love the stuff around my playspace and don’t want to trash it. VR Adventure makes an effort to take out the panic while still keeping you engaged in the game.  And it tries to keep you in the center of the playzone while still giving you freedom to walk around and explore, but you can only participate in the game from the center.

When I started so very long ago I wanted to make a Zelda in VR … and what I ended up with comes that idea surprisingly close for a one man project!

This is still going to be an early access project! This is still going to evolve quite a bit!
But I seriously hope that people will enjoy it from day one!

More soon …


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