… the Quest continues (day 2) …

… first let me say that day 1 left me with a lot of muscle aches. Being a big dude the whole leg work during Beat Saber is noticeable the day after. Still managed to break my record of the prior day on the first try today.

And you start to notice a couple of flaws. For example the controller representations in the home environment do not reflect what you are doing with them. You can press the trigger or tilt the stick and the controller representation stays static … that is a bit disappointing.

And when I enter the headset I better do it at the playing position, because otherwise Beat Saber expects me to play where I put the headset on and that is not always ideal.
I guess I need to check how to center the game – just trial and error did not reveal the solution.
[the solution – keep the right Oculus button pressed!]
But I just put the headset on near my optimal center position.

What I do love is that I just need to take the headset off and then put it a few hours later on and it snaps back into the game as if I left just a minute ago. That is seriously low friction and I love it.

journey of the gods

I also picked the Journey of the Gods demo to try out today and it was a great experience that I especially loved because it allowed a first person as well as a miniature top down view of the world.
It is also quite apparent that the rendering resolution of this game is lower than the screen resolution, as text is a bit hard to read at some points. Not a deal breaker, but I would lie if I had not noticed the visual degradation a bit.

Playing a game like that standing reminded me of the first days of playing Half Life 2 on the DK1 and how I felt when playing it standing. But I ignored the comfort settings, my VR legs these days are strong enough to handle it. Still need to get used to turning with my body (don’t like the snap turn via controller), there is a part of my brain that constantly wants to keep the tether unentangled.

Tomorrow I will send my parents in and am quite curious how well they will do!


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