… the elder Quest (day 3) …

I wasn’t up to play even a single round of Beat Saber! My legs hurt and asked me politely not to play today.

But I took it to my parents and first set it up in our mobile home garage where there is a ton of space … and it worked just fine!
Sadly the Wifi signal there was too weak and it was too cold for my parents (both sick with a cold) to really jump in.

So I moved it to the home cinema and after moving a few things out of the way the setup once more went super smooth. They really have perfected that part.

So my dad went in and played through the first steps app (which took something like half an hour or so) as well as 2 rounds of Beat Saber (after which he was actually sweating a bit).
Overall the introduction is done well enough to guide a 68 year old through the process – but he still needed a bit of help with the grab/middle finger button. He is used to playing FIFA on the Xbox 360 with my nephews, but the concept of a middle finger button confused him. It took a bit of trial and error until the pickup and release worked well, but then the fun of exploring the gimmicks and tossing paper airplanes clearly took over.

On the not so fun side I failed to get the screen cast to my smartphone. Which really is annoying and makes watching someone toss cubes in VR for 5 minutes a bit boring.

Trying out the casting in a solo experimentation mode is complicated by the headset turning off all the time – need to cover the sensor for the next round of experiments.
I suspect that, again, the wifi was too weak at the location!
Need to fix the wifi coverage as there are not that many spots in the house that I can turn into a VR zone.


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