… Quest Day 4 – first Loot …

Today I just spend a short while as my couch trained muscles decided they still need more rest.

So I went in with just a single round of Beat Saber (almost beat my own record) and then jumped into Sports Scramble.

But before I did that I first added a couple of accessoires that arrived today in the mail!

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The first was a Carplink Silicon Mask because I wanted something that is easier to clean! At 14.99€ it was not exactly cheap, but right now there are not that many offerings and I am quite pleased with it. Snugs right on and I wasn’t even forced to remove the inside mask. But replacement takes too long to do in a demo setting for every user – so cleaning them with an anti-bacterial wipe seems like the best way to go. Also reduced the nose light leak a bit, but not entirely.

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You can buy it here in Germany from Amazon (I don’t get a dime!):

The second was a controller cover that was supposed to add an Index like ability to let go of the controller. It was 18.99€ and went into the return process of Amazon right away because the strap was too small and the holder (blue circle) was not connected to the base in a reliable manner, so pulling it tight with just one hand was not possible and the second hand needed was kinda busy.
Complete design failure and I won’t even share the link.

No photo description available.

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Instead I ordered an alternative for 24.99€ that should arrive tomorrow:


The Sport Scramble demo was kind of fun, though I did feel it could give me a tennis arm even without the need of a physical racket. Not sure it would be good for my joints as my movements where nowhere near as smooth as with beat saber and I didn’t dare to step to the side a lot in my limited Playspace.

But the real game breaker for me was a game mechanic where you get a new ball or racket replacement when a mario kart style random item box was hit. This happens constantly and instead of just instant switch your ball/racket it goes into an animation to pick your random new thingie that breaks the gameflow.
It really took the fun out of what could have otherwise been a cool game to me. I do see a ton of potential in ball/racket games in VR though!

That’s it. I would have loved to play a lot more Beat Saber today. Given that I am still in the “need a perfect run in the demo” phase I believe the full version could be a serious fitness asset to me!


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