… the 6th day …

Had a really big meal … and then played 30 minutes of Beat Saber and it just amazes me how fogging was no problem at all in the headset! Oculus has done an amazing job keeping the lenses from fogging as I have issues with that in my Vive all the time.

In those 30 minutes I cleared several of the campaign levels of Beat Saber and I can already see myself playing this at least 3-4 times a week as a light workout that really feels like gaming, distracting you from the labor.

Also added a few more experiences as I discoverd the “not installed” tab.

Also realized that with PC support coming I will finally be able to play Chronos and Edge of Nowhere that I bought during a sale but never played so far.

Then I accessed my Facebook Gallery through the Quest – really like how the higher display resolution gives a good image quality.

After that it was time for a break, but I already knew it wasn’t all for the day. The incredible low friction changes how I use VR. When John Carmack sold the Oculus Go through the argument of low friction I knew he had a strong point, but the Go was lacking 6DOF and that was too much of a compromise.

The Quest on the other hand doesn’t feel like a compromise at all and still offers this VR anywhere and anytime low friction approach!

So a few hours later went back in and played one more round of Beat Saber, finishing a level that had me failing twice before in the first go with, I think, not a single miss or wrong cut. Love how that game makes me a Jedi.

After that I jumped into Bogo, a free experience where you play with a little alien dog. And it was a fun and lovely 10 minutes or so in a fantasy world where you pet BoGo, play fetch and do a few other things. It does require a little more space than I actually have right now and it made me feel bad when the virtual pet wanted me to stroke the belly, but my hand couldn’t reach it as it was lying down right where my armchair was in the real world. But nothing broke the game mechanics, those parts are distributed in a more tight space.

After that I discovered another Gallery, this time I went into the 3D gallery of Facebook images of friends! And DAMN!!! Having a lot of photographers as friends certainly helps and the 3D effekt is sooooo much cooler in the Quest than in your Facebook timeline.
Many pictures do have artefacts or are broken in a hilarious way that really just appears when you watch it in VR.
I especially liked all the food pictures! Having food presented to you in 3D at a gallery size has a great effect and I can see how future menus in restaurants will heavily rely on 3D represenations.

Overall another day where the Quest was nothing but joy!


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