Oculus Quest Day 7

Today I was too sick to play Beat Saber, didn’t even go in until the day was almost over. Decided to play something that is not requiring me to do a lot of movement:


Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl

Part of me really likes the cute presentation, but another part of me really feels like it is just half a game that is in dire need of a campaign mode and on top wasn’t really ported to the Quest with a lot of love.

First – this game is a multiplayer game where you just get to put units out there and then watch them fight it out with little room for actual interaction or control. So the real magic lies in putting the right units in your deck and adding the right perks on your units.

I played a couple of games against the AI and won all but one, where I got overrun. And it was a bit of fun. Unlocked a couple of cards by paying with gold I earned in the matches, but this was sold as building cards and makes me suspect there was originally something more crafting like planned that got cut and now represents a complicated way to unlock cards.

What really irks me is that almost all the text fields are so far away that they look horrible. You have to lean in on them to read them and that is not very user friendly. Plus there is no reason for it, in all cases there is plenty of room to make them bigger – but as the PC version likely fixes it with MSAA 8x the mobile version suffers from a quick and dirty port.

And then there is the lack of a campaign mode. I guess I would be a lot happier if there was a simple campaign mode that gives me 40 missions to progress through while unlocking units. And where I am introduced to the concepts of what units are good against which foes in a less random “trial and error” manner.

Seems like an obvious thing to do with the title.

Still … I got a lot of cute miniature units on a battlefield, so that is cool and nice.
Not sure how much time I am gonna spend with this one though.


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