Getting your hands in

Handtracking is hands down my most anticipated upgrade to the Oculus Quest!
I have developed games with hand tracking in the past and can’t wait to see what I can do with the Quest in the future.
And it will be such an improvement. I can do project demos without explaining non gamers how to use the controllers. And yesterday my right controller died while I was checking out Bigscreen … and without it there is no way to exit it, while I was perfectly capable to control it with the left controller otherwise.
Also of course I no longer had any usable batteries at hand.

So check out what Nathie thinks so far – it is not perfect, but looks solid enough. Until release it will get even better I expect.

Linus likes the Quest

With each iteration VR gets better and more (former) critics start believing in it.

Even though I was pretty optimistic of the Quest, I do have to admit that actually trying it certainly sold me on a different level as well.